6 Things to Know Before Going to University

August 3, 2019

Many people agree to the fact that going to University is a scary thing due to the fact that it’s new and requires a big step in your life. This is true, however once you are ahead by knowing what to expect you will be able to concur the big step ahead of you. Here are some words of wisdom to help you prepare for university and the outburst ahead.

  1. Stress less, no-one cares what your school score is- “You might feel like your whole future is being dictated by that score, but it really means very little in the scheme of things. In a way everything kind of resets at uni and its an opportunity to thrive and excel in something you care about.”
  2. Make sure you’re studying what you want to learn- I see so many people doing what their parents think they should do, or in my case followed the pack and studied law because that’s what you did.”
  3. Keep an open-mind- “In order to figure out what you do and don’t like, its important that you ‘go wide’ early on.”
  4. Expand your circle- “I wish I’d been involved with more social clubs. I spent a lot of time with friends, but they were friends that I already had.”
  5. Go out and get you some real-world experience- “It puts you in a better position for when you leave uni as it will help you segue into the job market.”
  6. Study hard and work a little bit- “I wish I studied harder. I was grateful I worked during my studies. I remember I used to love playing the saxophone but had to sell it to pay for my rent while I was at university. I always thought I’d take it back up but I never did.”

Source: University of Sydney
To read more in depth about these words of wisdom that will help you prepare check out the link below!

Source: Hamde, M. (2019). Starting University? These are the tips I wish I knew about as a student- ABC Life. [Online]. Abc.net.au. Available at: https://www.abc.net.au/life/starting-university-tips-guide-for-students/10812548

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