How Do You Study?

July 5, 2019

Finding the best learning method can be a very tricky process. Each and every student all have different study personalities and learning styles. By recognising and understanding how you learn best can enable you to use better suited techniques. This will improve the speed and quality of your learning; enabling you to learn efficiently and effectively ensuring that you are ready for the HSC.
The different types of study personalities include:

  • Visual- someone who learns best by observation and visual presentations such as diagrams, pictures and figures
  • Aural/ Auditory- someone who learns best through listening and verbal instructions
  • Read/ Write- someone who learns best by taking notes during class or reading written or printed texts
  • Kinesthic- someone who learns best by doing practicals, through gaining experience and through a physical process

Find out what your study personality is by taking the VARK personality test and keep it in mind to study for your upcoming exam!

VARK Study Style:

Source: HSC Study Guide 2019 Sydney Morning Herald, What’s your VARK study style? (Online), Available at:

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