Free trial lesson
Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions prior to making payment for the courses.

Free Trial Lesson Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between SKY HSC College Pty Ltd, of Level 5, Suite 7, 11 The Boulevarde, Strathfield, NSW 2135, Australia and you, should you wish to apply for the “ Free Trial Lesson” promotion offered by SKY HSC College and / or receive any benefits under the promotion.


SKY HSC College offers a promotion where eligible students* can request to attend a “Free Trial Lesson” for all subjects offered at SKY HSC College. A Free Trial Lesson is offered equally to all prospective students and is offered for their first lesson for the subject without any charges.


A ‘Free trial lesson’ offer comprises 1 entire lesson (1 - 3 hours) with an assigned subject teacher, snippets of SKY course material and 1 on 1 consultation with the Head Teacher to review the student's current academic status and building a plan.


SKY HSC College “ Free Trial Lesson” is available for our regular classes throughout the whole year and term except our “Holiday Workshop Classes”.


This promotion is only available for students who have never previously requested a trial lesson for the subjects offered at SKY HSC College. Students who have previously been a “no-show” for trial lessons will be banned from future opportunities for any trial lessons. Prospective SKY Students can request “Free Trial Lessons” for all the subjects they have enquired about, as long as they have not redeemed this promotion before.  

Furthermore, if you are enrolled in the subject at SKY HSC College, you are not able to request for the free trial lesson for the same subject in which you are enrolled. Also, this promotion can be redeemable only ONCE and is not redeemable again once you are enrolled in the subject. Current SKY students are eligible for free trial lessons for subjects in which they are not enrolled and have never been enrolled.

Trial Lesson Arrangement

Depending on the circumstances, the trial lesson takes its form as joining the existing regular class or as an individual 1-on-1 lesson. It is SKY HSC College’s sole discretion on how the trial lesson will take place. We will offer the most suitable option to optimise their learning experience.

Enquiry: Trial Lesson Application Form

An application is only deemed as valid if all the required information on the form is completed (eg, full name of student and parent, email address, mobile phone number, etc). After completing the form, your application form will be checked against our eligibility criteria. Once your application is deemed as successful, we will contact you to confirm that we have accepted your application and will be arranging your trial lesson. This arrangement of trial lessons may take up to 48 hours to deliver the confirmed trial lesson date.


Once you have been offered a free trial lesson and you have accepted the offer, you will be given a confirmation message for your scheduled lesson. You must attend the lesson as scheduled. If you cannot attend the scheduled lesson anymore, you are to contact our Front Desk on 02) 8012 8488 at least 24 hours (one day notice) prior to the scheduled class commencement time. You may be able to arrange a rescheduled trial lesson with the help of our Front Desk Team.

“No shows” (or cancellation with insufficient notice; less than 24 hours’ notice) will be banned from receiving any free trials for the subject in which they scheduled a trial lesson.

Cancellation Request by SKY HSC College

SKY HSC College reserves its right to cancel any scheduled free trial lessons at their sole discretion. If your scheduled free trial lesson has been cancelled by SKY HSC College, we will endeavour to arrange alternative options or rescheduling of the lesson.

In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling of your offered trial lesson, SKY HSC College is not liable for your expenses due to the cancellation of rescheduling of the lesson.

Non - Transferable

Current promotion is non-transferable between the students.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting our Front Desk Team by emailing or by calling 02) 8012 8488